The Reading Clinic has been a godsend to so many children that I have assessed over the years.  The intensive remediation that is provided expertly and compassionately leads to outstanding gains both in reading skill and self confidence.  I highly recommend Jan MacLean and her wonderful staff to all parents of children with dyslexia.

-Leonard Harris, Ph.D.,C.Psych 



   After 15 years of serving families at the Robert Meek Community Centre, the Reading Clinic, in partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, will be moving to a larger, more centralized location for the Fall of 2018. This new location will serve families that were accessing either our Bagot St. or West end location, allowing us to have our full staff team in one location to serve you better.

          The new space will provide the Reading Clinic with additional instructor rooms, a waiting area for parents, a private assessment room, and free visitor parking directly in front of the building.  The space is located at 299 Concession Street (Alliance Business Centre) and is on the first floor with direct entry. 


We've had another full 2018 Summer Clinic offering Reading, Writing & Math Sessions

Please get in touch if you'd like to enquire about service for our Fall / Winter terms

To discuss your child's needs and to reserve your spot, contact us at 613 547-5179


 Independent Queen's Study affirms the Yes! Reading program's remarkable effectiveness.

     Between January and May 2012, Queen’s University’s Dr. John Kirby (Professor in the Faculty of Education) and Mr. Mark Uyar (Honours student in Psychology) evaluated the effectiveness of the Yes! Reading remediation program offered at the Reading Clinic over the more than 10 years of its operation, and explored the student characteristics that predict success in the program.

      By measuring change in performance on eight different standard reading tests between when a child started and ended the program, it was found that children in the program improved in a range of reading skills approximately three times as fast as they had been improving prior to participating at the clinic, and approximately twice as fast as normally-achieving children would in the same period of time.

These results indicate that the program offered at the Reading Clinic is very effective in helping children who are struggling to learn to read.

For a complete look at the Research Summary, have a look at our ‘Results’ Page for more information or click here to see more of Dr.Kirby's results.


Over the past fifteen years, our experience with hundreds of students over thousands of hours of remediation has led to the development of the Yes! Reading program.  This program has been developed based on extensive eperience with a variety of Multi-Sensory Structured Language programs, and our training in the Orton-Gillingham approach.

Many reading disabilities are avoidable. If we intervene early, intensively and appropriately, many children with reading difficulties will achieve grade level reading ability.

Our experienced reading therapists provide intensive one-on-one remediation that is systematic, sequential, and multisensory. Our goal is to 'close the gap' for students who are reading below grade level and give them the skills they need to achieve academic success.

To discuss your child's needs and to reserve your spot, contact us at 613 547-5179

A child's success in school and throughout life depends in large part on the ability to read... The demands of the information age require that people be competent readers and writers if they are to participate and thrive in society.

(Ontario Ministry of Education, Early Reading Strategy, 2003)


“I can safely say that The Reading Clinic profoundly changed my daughter’s life…”

–a parent