Reading Instruction

The Reading Clinic uses an Orton-Gillingham approach. Reading Clinic instructors are trained in Orton-Gillingham, The Association Method, Discover Reading, and utilize the clinic’s own Yes! Reading Program. This broad base allows us to be flexible yet systematic in our approach with each student.

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Math skills dominate our lives.  They are needed in money transactions, telling time, wage calculations, measurements, data collection, etc.  From the moment we awaken we engage with numbers-how much time before the bus arrives, how much to pay for breakfast, how many calories in a bagel, how to calculate projected savings etc. Significant decline in math skills over the years costs students in terms of academic success and career choices.

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YES! Writing Program – grades 1-3

Research tells us that students with learning problems, including those with learning disabilities, can achieve success despite their knowledge and skill deficits, by acquiring and using specific learning strategies. The Reading Clinic is currently offering two programs designed to assist struggling students with written expression:

The Reading Clinic has introduced a program for students who need to focus on the very early skills required for writing success.

The goals of this program are for beginning writers:

  • to gain automaticity in printing by mastering letter sounds and letter formation
  • to learn basic parts of speech and simple sentence writing
  • to systematically be introduced to spelling together with capitalization, punctuation, and early elements of grammar
  • to work on composing simple sentences and eventually connecting them on a single topic

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All students at The Reading Clinic undergo an initial assessment of their phonological processing abilities, reading and spelling skills using standardized tests.

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