Multi-Sensory Structured Language Instruction in the Classroom:

A course for teachers:
Targeted to K/1 teachers, this course will outline the principles of Structured Language, instruct participants in the ‘code’ of our language, and provide teachers with both the knowledge and resources to effectively ‘wire up’ the brains of new readers.
July 8-12th 1:00 – 4:30pm  & a follow-up Evening: November 19 7-8:30PM
We’ve had a large response to our Structured Language Teachers Course, and it is now full for July 2019.  
If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list for future courses, please contact Jennifer Harrison

Check back for information on upcoming workshops.

Past Reading Clinic Workshops:

    • Ensuring Reading Readiness for ALL Kindergarten Students |
      • one day workshop
    • Syllable Surgery & Spelling Rules you’ll Love:
      The 6 syllable types of English and the Digraph Spelling Conventions

      • one day workshop
    • Multi-Sensory Structured Language Teaching for Struggling Readers
      • 8 weeks / 1 week intensive
    • MSSL: Ensuring Reading Readiness for ALL Kindergarten Students
      • Two afternoon workshops
    • ‘Make & Take’: Make your Own Basic Alphabet/Digraph Tile set for Classroom Use
      • 2 evenings
    • MSSL for Early Readers 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017:
      • 1 week of summer halfdays to learn the principles of MSSL instruction for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students.
  • MSSL Refresher:
    • A half day MSSL lesson refresher, & opportunity to address problems, field questions & share stories from MSSL in the classroom

“I found the MSSL Reading Course the most useful course I have ever taken in my teaching career.  It has radically changed and enhanced the way that I teach reading, and I now use this model on a daily basis in my classroom.  I have seen the struggling readers in my classroom experience successes and incredible boosts in confidence using this approach. The students in my class all have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) so the multi sensory component has also been very helpful.  This course is an invaluable tool for every teacher!” – Karen Zabel-Limestone District School Board