“The Reading Clinic has been a godsend to so many children that I have assessed over the years. The Intensive Remediation that is provided expertly and compassionately leads to outstanding gains both in reading skill and self-confidence. I highly recommend Jan Maclean and her wonderful staff to all parents of children with Dyslexia.”

– Leonard Harris, PhD., C.Psych.

Parent Testimonials

“My son did so well on his recent report card and both his teacher and I feel it was due to the writing and reading sessions he’s had here at the clinic.”

“My son was a lost soul whom the school system had identified as ‘slow’. He lacked self-confidence, was fearful of trying and went off to school with great reluctance. Following remediation with the staff at The Reading Clinic he became eager to read everything in sight, proud of feeling ‘smart’ and has become a happy, confident 9 year old.”

“I can safely say that The Reading Clinic profoundly changed my daughter’s life. She had developed a fear of reading and was convinced that reading just was not possible for her. She had refused to go to the library, much less sign out a book. The time my daughter spent at The Reading Clinic was the best investment in my daughter’s life.”

“My child attends the Math Program and today her teacher commented to her, ‘I am seeing such an improvement, keep up the good work’ she was so happy when she got off the bus, she had tears in her eyes. We couldn’t have come this far without the support of everyone at The Clinic.”

“I’m just amazed at the changes in his writing after just one month in the Writing Program.”

“My daughter’s reading has improved by leaps and bounds, not to mention her self-confidence, I just wished I’d known about your services earlier.”

“What you are saying makes sense, the way you and Jen deliver the instruction really works. I am amazed at how far my child has come in just the last 2 to 3 weeks. Although it may seem to be small steps, they are huge compared to what hasn’t happened in the last 4 years.”

“I really thought he’d whine and complain about coming every day but I think because he’s finally ‘getting it’, he always seems happy to come-it’s kind of amazing!”

“His math marks have gone up unbelievably! Before, he avoided conversations around math with his older brothers, but now he says, ‘Wait a minute, I know that!’”

“Almost every day we see the positive results of our son’s work with you at The Reading Clinic. He is doing very well in school this year and his marks have improved enormously. At the moment he is reading, ‘The Lightning Thief’ and is really enjoying the book. The other day he stopped while he was reading it to say, ‘Mom if I didn’t go to The Reading Clinic I don’t think I could have just read the word, ‘hallucination’!”

“The fact that our child has gained access to the written word is largely due to the strategies and methods employed at The Reading Clinic. Their commitment to fostering a team approach with parents, teachers and other disciplines, has made our, ‘learning to read’ experience positive and rewarding. As well, their knowledge of other resources and key contact people in other disciplines has proved invaluable. They have really helped us put the puzzle pieces together and for that we are extremely grateful!”

“I’m very, very grateful that my son has found people who believe in his ability to learn. His teacher reports that he is now reading at grade level and credited The Reading Clinic with his improvement. He also said that he thinks that as my son’s reading improves so does his math because so much of math is tied to the ability to read the questions.”

“I wanted to share this with both you and the other tutors at The Clinic. At our son’s last basketball tournament, a player from each team was selected to do a, ‘fair play’ reading in front of the entire gym full of participants and parents. I almost fell over when I looked up and heard my son reading. He was given a sheet of paper to read and he read it confidently into the microphone to the gym full of people. This would have NEVER happened prior to his time with you. Thank you again.”

“I never would have imagined that our son could sit through 2 hours of homework with no tears prior to your program. He has gained so many, ‘secret ways’. (he doesn’t like to give away his rules!) of breaking down words and spelling them, it’s quite phenomenal. And I still tear-up every time I hear him reading a book. It is no longer the painstaking drama of forcing him to read. I think your program has done more for his confidence, reading and writing than all his years of attending public school, (he is in grade 5 this year). Also, his grandmother and myself, (who are the one’s who take him to The Clinic) are always amazed at how fun he finds the program. He has not once said he doesn’t want to go, we always pick him up with a great big smile on his face and it truly is remarkable. My only complaint is I really wish more students had access to the program. This method should be taught in our school system as it would change so many kids’ lives for the better.”

Kid Testimonials

“I can’t believe I just read that whole thing”
– 7 year old after reading first book, ever.

My mum doesn’t know I can read big words like this
– 14 year old client after successfully making her way through the word, “confidently”.

“Oh! That explains so much! How come teachers never tell you that?!”
– 11 year old student after learning the, “doubling spelling rule” and understanding why there’s 2 ‘p’s in “hopping”.

“When I see lots of numbers, I used to get nervous, but I’m not anymore. This Math Clinic makes it easy.”
– 11 year old math summer student.

Mum, I think my Dyslexia’s getting better!”
– Reported by a Mum

“Can I have some of these words for homework? I like doing it this way”
– Student after learning “syllable splitting rules”.

“That on your mark spelling really works! I would have missed the ‘m’ in ‘bump’!”

“Yay let’s read…Omigosh, I’ve NEVER said that in my life!”
– 12 year old girl in response to book reading portion of session.

“I didn’t know math could be fun! I’m happy I’m using rounding up”
– 10 year old student.

After receiving instruction in multi-syllable word attack strategies involving syllable splitting:

“I love that tool! It just makes everything so much easier!”
– Grade 6 student previously reading at grade 2 level.

“Thank you for teaching my brother to read because now he reads to me.
– 5 year old brother of 9 year old client.

“At school, they start with the difficult, but you start with the easy, then the difficult”
– 10 year old student asked how math instruction at The Clinic differs from school.

“Do you think it would be okay if I came back a few days a week after I finish here?”